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6620 Edenvale Road

Baltimore, Maryland  21209

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Roz and Nat have been dancing together for over thirty years.  Roz has been dancing since the age of five.  She began with tap, toe and ballet and as a teen expanded to ballroom and in 1992 began country line and partner dancing.  Nat always loved music and dance, and was a rumba champion in the sixties.  He also started country line and partner dancing in 1992.


Roz and Nat were first introduced to country dancing at “Nashville’s” a country bar at the Holiday Inn, in Timonium, Maryland.  They were instructors there for almost five years until their recent closing for renovations.


Roz became a competition dancer in 1993.  She competed in Baltimore, Richmond and California.  Nat was there coaching and supporting her.  Although competition and winning were rewarding, they decided to turn their efforts to teaching.  They began teaching in July, 1994.  They teach all levels of line dance.  “As the years go by, the dancers become better and better, and enjoy a challenge, but we can never forget beginners.”  Roz and Nat also teach Two-Step, East Coast Swing, and many patterned partner dances.  Nat has also developed a complete mobile Country-Western DJ service.


Roz began choreographing in 1994 and Nat joined her in 1996.  They are associate members of UCWDC and travel the east coast instructing at workshops.  They are competition judges for UCWDC.  Nat is a member and certified judge for the newly created World Line Dance Association.  These weekend competitions and workshops give them a chance to meet dancers and instructors from all over the world. 


Roz and Nat coach and choreograph dances for CD Express, a dance team of young people that perform all over the Maryland area.  “It is very rewarding to see your own choreography performed.  We even enjoy seeing the variations that dancers add to our choreography.”


Roz and Nat currently teach three nights a week at “Little Texas” and Cockeysville Fire Hall, and do many private parties.  They can often be found dancing on their nights off.  Nat is an accountant and Roz has an administrative position at a college in Greenspring Valley.  They have two grown children.


Any night of the week you can find Roz and Nat teaching and then dancing.  On a Saturday morning you may find them teaching for one of the Baltimore area radio stations.  On a Saturday afternoon you may see them teaching and doing demos at one of the malls.  Although little time is left, they donate teaching time to various charities to give the community a glimpse of the joy that country dancing has given them.  Roz and Nat are anxious to keep country dancing alive.  “As we say in our choreography, BEGIN AGAIN AND DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.”


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